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Yoga for Scuba Divers by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl and Todd Stedl, Ph.D.

Practice on land to build strength, increase your air efficiency, and become a better diver

Yoga for Scuba Divers teaches you poses, breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and yoga lifestyle principles that combine to make you a better diver. By practicing the yoga poses in this book you can: improve your balance and stability, build core strength to protect your back when carrying tanks and weights, build abdominal control to fine-tune your buoyancy, strengthen your legs for those fun walks down to the water in full gear, and develop powerful muscles that improve your finning. The breathing exercises will teach you to breathe steadily during physical exertion, which will keep you calm and rational under water. The visualization techniques will help you prepare mentally for dive challenges. You will also learn yoga principles, such as non-violence, and how they apply to scuba divers. All of the poses in Yoga for Scuba Divers are practiced on land, not in the water.

Yoga for Scuba Divers was featured in the June 2008 issue of Sport Diver magazine and in the May 2008 issue of Northeast & Midwest Dive News.

Learn more about Yoga for Scuba Divers, including inside pages.

Other Recommended Books

We also recommend the following books for scuba divers:

Current and Tide Tables for Dive Planning by Pelagia Publications

  • This book is a must for drift-diving in the Pacific Northwest.

Diving Physiology in Plain English by Jolie Bookspan

  • With this book, you can better understand how diving affects your body.

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