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Dive Resources

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Divers Alert Network

Every diver should carry DAN insurance, also get excellent medical advice on diving-related incidents from DAN's help line


Resource for scuba diving instruction around the world

Scuba Review

Get recommendations on scuba gear

Scuba Board

Network with scuba divers around the world

Doc's Diving Medicine

Great medical info for divers, including how to equalize

Mountain Sharks Dive Club

Meet divers in the Missoula, Montana area

Emerald Sea Photography

Extensive list of dive sites in the Puget Sound - go scuba diving right in the city of Seattle

UBS Dive Center

Excellent dive guide in the BVI

Scuba Diving Directory

Listing of scuba resources around the world

Girl Diver

Scuba diving classes by women for women



Dive Training

Great magazine on scuba instruction

NW Dive News

Great local magazine for scuba diving in the Pacific Northwest



Yoga for Scuba Divers

Build strength, increase your air efficiency and become a better diver with our book!

Diving Physiology in Plain English

With this book, you can better understand how diving affects your body

Current and Tide Tables for Dive Planning

A must for drift-diving in the Pacific Northwest, especially Puget Sound

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8th Element Diving's recommended books and resources


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