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Scuba Math

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This is our section for all you math geeks, science geeks, and dive theory geeks out there. We are writing articles on diving theory and the mathematical calculations that produce various diving tables and standards used in recreational diving. If you love formulas and equations as much as you love diving, keep coming back to this section for more.

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Altitude Diving: Understanding the Tables

By Todd Stedl, September 16, 2007

Excerpt: The chapter on altitude diving in the PADI Adventures in Diving manual (as well as the instructor outline for the Altitude Diving Specialty course) contains tables [NOTE 2] that you use to convert your dives at altitude to equivalent dives in the ocean. This Theoretical Ocean Depth (TOD) enables you to use standard dive tables, such as the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP), to correctly plan your altitude dives. These altitude-conversion tables are correct in principle, but they are based on the assumption that you are diving in sea water at altitude, whereas altitude diving is done exclusively in fresh water [NOTE 3]. Read full article


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